XcelLAB has created XcelDefi Token — become an early adopter of Defi Tokens with XcelDefi Token.

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3 min readJan 17, 2021

With XcelDefi Token XcelLAB is introducing a parallel decentralized financial application system that provides you with an opportunity to make a swift transition- from traditional banking and financial services to a progressive blockchain platform.

The face of finance is changing with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Today, almost all financial services are in control of banking and financial institutions. These institutions are highly regulated and are often times acting in the best interest of institutional stability, the concepts of which were established in bygone eras. Traditional banking and financial institutions are not equipped to adapt to the changing landscape of finance brought forth by the invention of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The system is in fact stifling innovation that holds the potential to deliver better solutions than the ones currently being offered by third-party regulated financial institutions.

On the other hand, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are today being used as an investment asset class. The market price of cryptocurrency is essentially determined by market forces demand and supply. They cannot yet be used as fiat for debt or equity investments. However, cryptocurrencies that run on automated enforced agreement with an intervention of the third party has immense potential to achieve more. The decentralized financial system (Defi) with cryptocurrency is together paving a way for a system that outmaneuvers artificial blocs imposed by traditional banking and financial system. XcelDefi Token is a by-product of this very emerging concept.

The future of banking and finance is starting with Decentralized Financial Tokens (Defi). XcelLAB is introducing XcelDefi Token, a smart contract running on a dedicated ethereum blockchain. Go to www. xceldefi.com where we aim to provide our users with transparent, peer to peer transaction which less costly, faster, and more accessible than services offered by traditional intermediaries like banks. XcelDefi Token is available for private sale at XcelDefi.com. The limited and discounted tokens will be available for qualified investors at a pre-sale round from January till September.

Find the details for private sale in the table below:

A case for XcelDefi Token- Defi token is here to stay.

Decentralized finance (Defi) saw an Exponential growth in 2020. It was by farthest the most phenomenal growth witnessed in the blockchain ecosystem. To aid you to visualize, a year ago in January 2020 total USD value locked in Defi stood at $690.9 million, in January 2021, the total USD value locked in Defi stands at $22.13 Billion! Which is staggeringly more than the entire GDP of countries like Cambodia, Zimbabwe, or Afghanistan in 2017. Investing in XcelDefi Token is therefore the logical next step for fostering the crypto-community.

Engineered to create maximum disruption Defi is a fintech that will leverage cryptocurrencies to achieve greater potential. Equipped with features like staking, users can potentially earn higher annualized earnings by participating in multiple Defi products with a single click. A future where you can use smart contracts to earn interest, get loans, and trade assets without having to rely on a third party is near.

Xcellab has created XcelDefi Token here is what our early adopter should know about investing in XcelDefi.

XcelDefi Token supply allocation details:

Supply- 277 million
Vesting- 37.5m
Foundation- 37.5m
Reserve- 25m
Public Sale- 177m

Value- $5 (XcelDefi token will be available for crowd sale at www.xceltoken.com)

Apart from the distinguished benefits of smart contracts and outstanding yields, XcelDefi Token provides users with multiple use cases, instant benefits, and min-blowing rewards.

You can use XcelDefi Token to book over 2.3 million hotels and over 450 airlines all around the globe in XcelTrip. Similarly, store XcelDefi Token in XcelPay Wallet- a universal cold wallet to Swap BTC or ETH to XcelDefi Token. You can also Top up mobile phone plans with 900 different carrier services and in over 160 countries…

Explore the world of Decentralized Finance (Defi) with XcelDefi Token!



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